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I have always collected fabrics, batiks, scarves and textiles from around the world- the colours, patterns and textures capture my attention and soul. The shut down enabled time we don't normally have- time of introspection and quiet, which allowed creativity to blossom. I am so overjoyed to be able to share these vibrant bursts of colour and light with the community for a meaningful purpose 


~ an invitation to discover your authentic self.

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During the challenging time of 2020, a factory was made out of a spare room, as creativity was born in our household. Each family member played a part in the composition of these creations, with the materials we had on hand. Each cushion is unique and has its own  name & story. 


Much effort goes into the matching of fabrics, cutting, sewing and stuffing. 100% repurposed materials such as fabrics, curtains, linens, quilting scraps are cut into strips for the filling.

Custom made items can be done upon request.

Just start where you are..

Take it from a converted skeptic, starting at 5 minutes a day, sitting in stillness can have a powerful effect over time. Following the breath- which connects the mind/body, will centre and ground you to the present, to the eternal moment of now. You become calm, find inner peace and intuition blossoms- creativity, gratitude and joy begin to fill your life.

Your perspective and outlook on life begin to change, you reconnect with your heart's passion and you evolve into a different person.

An introduction to meditation is my gift to you.

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