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You can find a variety of our selection in the locations below:

99 Reasons Emporium

A mystical boutique containing a collection of jewelry, crystals, and other goods. Also provides psychic services.


Ahimsa Naturopathic

"A Naturopathic wellness clinic in the historic town of Merrickville Ontario", led by Dr. Katie Weststrate


Carp Ridge EcoWellness Centre

A sanctuary and special community that has a variety of programs for holistic healing and teachings.


Centered Ottawa

Whether it's sound, vibration, motion, noise, healing, dancing, singing or quieting, we want to help you vibrate with your best self.

We want you to get Centered.

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Global Trading Post

A treasure trove of international clothing, instruments, gemstones, and incense. There are locations in Smith Falls, Kingston, Cornwall, and Downtown Ottawa.


Manotick Natural Market

A wonderful eclectic emporium for unique items, crystals, supplements, specialty brands and accessories located in Manotick.


Mystical Elements

Earth, Air, Fire, Water ~ and how they connect to all living beings and the beauty inside and out. Provides divination tools such as crystals, reiki, essential oils, books, oracle, sound healing, meditation, and everything for your healing journey


Rainbow Minerals

Located at St Laurent, largest collection of beads/jewelry making and distinctive gifts.

"A big girl's candy shop"


Willow Wellness

A wellness studio in Richmond full of holistic practices for mental health

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